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My Language Story

Hey there! I bet there are a lot of you out there learning different languages, so I decided I’d tell you my “language story”. Okay…let’s go back about a year ago (I think) to the summer of 2019. I downloaded a language learning app on my mom’s phone b/c I was really, really bored, and… Continue reading My Language Story

Update For the Summer

You know how I said, in my last post, “Check back in a few days for the next chapter of Cosmo“? Sorry. I cheated you all. 😉 Who knows how long it will be until the next chapter of Cosmo comes out, LOL. But I wanted to write a post today because today is the… Continue reading Update For the Summer

5 Morning Hacks To Keep You Motivated All Day Long☀️.

Originally posted on A_V_E_M:
You need to think of yourself as a fighter jet and apply some level of discipline to your mornings to overcome at least some level of negativity during this global crisis.?If your first message to yourself in the morning is that you can be lazy and your day…

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